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Nanotrap® ESP Particles

Sample Preparation Solutions for Downstream Protein Analysis:

  • 1D- or 2D- Electrophoresis
  • Coomassie® Staining
  • Silver Staining
  • Western Blotting
  • PAGE prep for Mass Spectrometry
  • Accelerating your Research    +    Improving your Data    +    Reducing your Costs

    The following images were taken from two gels where bacterial antigens in urine at varying concentrations were processed. (A) Shows a gel run without any sample enrichment. (B) Shows the significant concentration and excellent results achieved using the Nanotrap® ESP particles.

    A. Gel WITHOUT Nanotrap® ESP B. Gel AFTER Nanotrap® ESP enrichment

    Nanotrap® ESP Key Benefits:
  • Enriches and concentrates low abundance proteins in complex biofluid samples.
  • Does not utilize antibodies for immunodepletion or immunoprecipitation.
  • Simultaneously harvests multiple low-abundance proteins from a single sample.
  • Decreases amount of high-abundance proteins present in samples.
  • Compatible with protein analysis techniques (CoomasieTM, silver staining, western blotting, mass spectrometry analysis).
  • Prevents protein degradation during sample processing.
  • Simple format and quick sample processing technique with best in market results.
  • Nanotrap® ESP Particles are a protein enrichment toolset that can be integrated seamlessly into any existing downstream measurement and analysis process. Nanotrap® ESP Particles, developed from the Ceres proprietary Nanotrap® Platform technology, present a powerful and flexible toolset for research targeting the discovery and quantification of known and unknown low abundance peptides and proteins present in a range of complex biofluid matrices including cell culture supernatant, cell lysates, urine and cerebrospinal fluid.

    The patented Nanotrap® ESP Particles are composed of a core-shell hydrogel polymer system having a highly tailored porosity structure designed for optimal protein size sieving and harvesting of proteins from complex biofluid systems. Each class of particles contains affinity baits incorporated within the core structure and a highly tailored pore structures that allow for the simultaneous uptake, molecular sieving, enrichment and concentration of multiple proteins from a single sample. The ability to harvest multiple proteins and peptides from a single sample makes Nanotrap® ESP particles an ideal tool for researchers interested in rapid sample processing of low abundance proteins or for the discovery of unknown proteins and peptides present in samples containing high-abundance interfering proteins.

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