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CMV Antibody Capture

Non-invasive testing. Using serum to test for Cytomegalovirus (CMV) via immunoassay is a very common diagnostic test methodology, but it requires an invasive blood draw. By using the Nanotrap® technology, CMV antibody can be captured from saliva and effectively detected on the same blood-based immunoassays, removing the need for an invasive blood draw, and greatly improving clinical and screening workflows.

A comparison, presented by LabCorp at ASM CVS 2017, of CMV enzyme immunoassay (EIA) results for oral fluid (collected using FLOQSwabsTM, and concentrated and purified using Nanotrap® CMV Protein Particles) against serum. The magnetic Nanotrap particles were used to extract CMV antibodies from oral fluid and load onto an assay plate that was automated and tested using a commercially available CMV ELISA to analyze processed samples.

● Specificity:100%(36/36)
● Sensitivity:84%(47/56)

This study demonstrates the ability the Nanotrap® technology to concentrate and purify Cytomegalovirus (CMV) IgG from oral fluid collections enabling successful identification of seropositive individuals without the need for blood collection.



Nanotrap® Magnetic CMV Protein Particles



Unit size 200ul per sample.

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