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  • Nanotrap® Particles have been demonstrated to capture and concentrate the following respiratory viruses: influenza A H1N1(1), Influenza A H3N2(1), influenza B(1), respiratory syncytial virus A2001/3-12 strain(1), coronavirus strain 229E(1), and coronavirus strain OC43(2).

  • Compatible with multiple nucleic acid extraction kits.


Ceres Nanosciences is currently evaluating whether Nanotrap® Virus Particles can capture and concentrate SARS-CoV-2.


If you would like to purchase a Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit, please contact or learn more about the product here.


If you have an idea for a collaboration using the Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit in your COVID-19 project, please contact




The Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit improves the performance of your downstream analytical methods (e.g., PCR, Western blot, NGS, protein assays, infectivity assays) by concentrating whole virus from large volumes (3 mL) of complex biological fluids into a significantly smaller volume (less than 100 µL).

If you have non-Nanotrap® particle questions about COVID-19, please visit the CDC or NIH websites, or ask this chatbot:

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