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Protein Capture Kits

Improve Proteome Coverage.  Nanotrap® particles utilize affinity capture and size exclusion to attract and bind low abundance proteins, while excluding unwanted high abundance and high molecular weight interfering molecules.  


  • Nanotrap particles offer a simple and effective approach to protein biomarker discovery from complex human or animal samples such as plasma, serum, urine, and cell cultures. ​

  • Unlike other sample prep solutions, Nanotrap particles utilize affinity capture and enrichment to attract and bind low abundance proteins, while excluding unwanted high abundance proteins, resulting in improved proteome coverage. Nanotrap particles do not utilize antibodies or other biomolecules as affinity molecules.​

  • There are three types of Nanotrap particles for protein enrichment for mass spectrometry.  Each uses a different affinity capture molecule and each will have a slightly different capture profile. 

  • Nanotrap particles can increase the enrichment of proteins below 60 kilodaltons from plasma by at least 2-3 fold as compared to the same volume of neat sample.

  • ​Easy-to-follow sample processing protocol for enrichment of low abundance proteins from serum, plasma, saliva, and urine prior to analysis by mass spectrometry.

  • ​A simplified "on particle" digestion method which reduces processing time by performing protein digestion and clean up while the proteins are still bound to the Nanotrap particles.

  • ​Each 100 µl unit of Nanotrap protein particles can be used to process up to 10 mg of protein per sample. Nanotrap particles perform better in enrichment of low molecular weight proteins than other methods.

  • For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

High quality sample preparation makes a significant difference in downstream biomarker discovery and protein profiling. The University of Colorado School of Medicine Biological Mass Spectrometry Facility compared sample preparation products from Bio-Rad (ProteoMiner™ Protein Enrichment beads) and R&D Systems (Proteome Purify™ 2 Immunodepletion Resin) to Nanotrap particles from Ceres Nanosciences. The Nanotrap Protein Capture Kit out performed the competitor products. See below for unique peptides and proteins identified in 60 µL of human plasma samples.

low abundance proteins

low abundance metabolites

Expand your dynamic range with improved low molecular weight resolution by using Nanotrap Protein Capture Particles. Researchers at Sapienza Università di Roma, evaluated Nanotrap particles against other sample prep products and highlighted an overall 35% average improved protein detection at ≤ 20 kDa with the Nanotraptechnology.  



Nanotrap® Protein Discovery Kit



Nanotrap® White Protein Particles (0.3 mL), Nanotrap® Blue Protein Particles (0.3 mL), Nanotrap® Azure Protein Particles (0.3 mL).


Nanotrap® White Protein Capture Kit



Nanotrap® White Protein Particles (1 mL)


Nanotrap® Blue Protein Capture Kit



Nanotrap® Blue Protein Particles (1 mL)


Nanotrap® Azure Protein Capture Kit



Nanotrap® Azure Protein Particles (1 mL)

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