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The OEM process begins with a comprehensive understanding of your goals and needs. This results in a detailed plan of how to turn your concept into a product. As your product moves into production, you can have confidence that our products will meet your requirements and will be manufactured in our ISO 9001 certified facilities.  All of our manufacturing occurs in our own facilities in the United States and we are committed to providing a secure and consistent supply chain to our partners.


We enjoy bringing two brands together to highlight great solutions in the life sciences and diagnostics arenas. We welcome the opportunity to work with you

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Custom Development Projects

Collaborate with us to optimize the Nanotrap technology platform for your valuable analytes through a custom development project.


A development project typically starts with you, the partner organization, defining your analyte of interest, the sample matrix, the downstream assay, and your desired outcomes. Our world class scientific team then works closely with you to develop a customized Nanotrap particle workflow for your specific requirements. Data typically are shared every two weeks, providing insight into the progress, and enabling close collaboration between our scientists and your team.


Our innovative and collaborative approach is matched by our laser-focus on the development of the highest quality products and solutions.

Interested in working with us? Please fill out the below information and a Ceres Nanoscience team member will be in touch with you shortly.

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