Collaborate with us to optimize the Nanotrap technology platform for the capture, concentration, or preservation of your valuable analytes and pathogens  

A development project starts with you, the partner organization, defining your analyte of interest, the sample matrix, the downstream assay, and your desired outcomes. Our world class scientific team then works closely with you to develop a customized Nanotrap particle workflow for your specific requirements. Data typically are shared every two weeks, providing you insight into our program and enabling close collaboration between our scientists and your team.


While we recognize that each project is unique, we have found that most collaborations comprise multiple stages and can run from 3-15 months. Projects that are more complex, including those with multi-analyte, multi-sample type, or multi-assay requirements or those that require custom Nanotrap particle manufacturing are also possible.


Our innovative and collaborative approach is matched by our laser-focus on the development of the highest quality products and solutions. To learn more, contact us at

Ceres works with leading life science and diagnostic organizations

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LabCorp, Thermo Fisher, Tgen, NIH, Coppe, USAMRIID, DARPA, Novosanis, Bill & Milinda Gates Foundation, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, DHS, University of Virginia, UVA, CU, Colorado, DTRA

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“We love working with the team at Ceres. The Nanotrap® particle technology is very powerful and easy to use. Also, Ceres is full of good, science-minded people who make outstanding partners."


Amanda Elam, President and CEO, GalaxyDx

Development project life cycle

Development Project Workflow