Virus Capture Kits

Get more from your samples.  Knowing a virus is present in a sample and not being able to detect it is frustrating. Use the Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit to concentrate viruses from complex biological matrices in order to have high quality input material for your downstream analytical methods.


  • Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit improves the performance of your downstream analytical methods (e.g., PCR, Western blot, NGS, protein assays, infectivity assays) by capturing and concentrating whole virus from complex biological samples.

  • Demonstrated to work with influenza, RSV, coronavirus, Zika virus, Dengue virus, and Chikungunya virus.

  • Compatible with multiple nucleic acid extraction kits.


  • Reduce your false negatives by increasing your starting sample volume by more than 10-fold.


  • Increase your assay sensitivity by capturing and concentrating low abundance viruses.


  • Nanotrap® particles utilize affinity capture and enrichment to attract and bind low abundance viruses. Nanotrap® particles do not utilize antibodies or other biomolecules as affinity molecules.


  • Nanotrap® particles triple the nucleic acid yield as compared to QIAGEN column only.


  • Incorporating the Nanotrap® technology into your workflow is simple. No more than 4 steps added to your current workflow, if you want to keep using your nucleic acid extraction kit. Just 7 steps total for the entire process if you perform the capture, concentrate, and extraction with the Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit coupled with glycogen nucleic acid precipitation

Nanotrap® particle technology can enhance other sample preparation products to improve downstream analytical performance. The following data highlight the improvement in viral RNA isolation for flu A detection via RT-PCR using the Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit.
Reaching the lower limit of detection for an assay can be challenging within a large dynamic range. This kit provides a reproducible method for improving assay sensitivity you need for your assay.  In 2 mL spiked transport media samples, the Nanotrap technology significantly improved the nucleic acid yield of a commercially available extraction kit, taking the detectable amount of Influenza A down to less than 1 copy/µL.

low abundance virus 

Let the Nanotrap® technology concentrate virus from larger volumes without disrupting your assay’s sample input volume requirement.  An array of sample input  volumes for influenza A concentrations across four sample volumes processed using the Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit are shown in comparison with the 150 µL QIAGEN column input volume.
The Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit improves the yield of the leading nucleic acid extraction kits on the market, including the QIAAmp Viral RNA Mini Kit (QIAGEN), High Pure Viral RNA Kit (Roche), PureLink Viral RNA/DNA Mini Kit (Thermo Fisher Scientific), NucleoSpin Virus Kit  (Takara), and a standard glycogen precipitation method (Glycogen)


Nanotrap® Virus Particles (10)

2 mL of Nanotrap® Non-Magnetic Virus Particles (10 x 0.2 mL)

in solution



Nanotrap® Magnetic Virus Particles (10)

2 mL of Nanotrap® Magnetic Virus Particles (10 x 0.2 mL)

in solution



Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit (10)

2 mL of Nanotrap® Lyophilized Magnetic Virus Particles (10 x 0.2 mL)



Nanotrap® Virus Capture Kit (50)

10 mL of Nanotrap® Lyophilized Magnetic Virus Particles (50 x 0.2 mL)



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