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Nanotrap® particles pre-concentrate and improve the detection of fentanyl and its analogs

Objective: To develop and demonstrate the utility of a universal Nanotrap® technology solution for improved detection of fentanyl and fentanyl derivatives in urine and oral fluid samples.

Results: 1) Nanotrap® particles improved sensitivity of Neogen’s ELISA for 9 fentanyl analogs. 2) Nanotrap® particles enriched fentanyl analogs from synthetic urine and oral fluid samples.

The protocol used in these experiments is compatible with Thermo DRI assays and LC-MS platforms.

Next Steps: Further studies are planned to establish fentanyl and analog LLODs as well as integration strategies for other analytical platforms.

Impact: Nanotrap® particles can provide universal pre-concentration of multiple fentanyl analogs from a single sample prior to analysis. This pre-concentration approach can expand the utility and performance of existing assays in POC and reference laboratory settings while helping to address the current technical bottlenecks.

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