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App Note: Enrichment of low abundance, low molecular weight proteins from human plasma samples

Updated: Nov 6, 2019


Nanotrap® Particles for Mass Spec: Enrichment of low abundance, low molecular weight proteins from human plasma samples

Nanotrap® particle processing of Shutdown patient plasma leads to much larger number of proteins identified by mass spectrometry as compared to un-processed plasma.

Conventional proteomic biomarker discovery methods typically involve removal of abundant proteins via expensive affinity reagents followed by proteolytic digestion of the intact proteins and fractionation processes such as high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). In addition to relying on this labor- and time-intensive process, conventional proteomic biomarker discovery is often challenged by the low abundance of the analytes of interest.

The Nanotrap® particle technology offers a straightforward and effective approach to discovery of low abundance analytes of interest (Figure 1). This application note provides a brief description of the Nanotrap® particle technology platform and presents an experimental protocol and results for enrichment of low abundance proteins prior to proteolytic digestion, fractionation by liquid chromatography, and analysis by mass spectrometry.

Ordering Information

Nanotrap® Catalog Number:

· 33230 (Azure Protein Particles*)

· 33220 (Blue Protein Particles)

· 33210 (White Protein Particles)

· 33200 (Discovery Kit, includes all 3)

* “Azure” is new name for Purple particles

Scientific Support

Additional protocol details, variations for use, and technical and customer support are available upon request.

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