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One-Run Automated Wastewater Protocol for up to 24 Samples at a Time

WW-AN31367-One-run automated WW protocol
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Most Nanotrap Microbiome Particle automated wastewater testing protocols for the KingFisher™ System involve two serial runs on the KingFisher System – the first run captures and concentrates the microbes from the wastewater and the second run extracts the nucleic acids from the concentrated microbes. These protocols combine the output from four separate 24-sample concentration runs into a single 96-well plate for an extraction run. In labs processing 24 samples or fewer at a time, a protocol that combines capture, concentration, and extraction into one run in a 24-well format is more efficient.

This protocol integrates wastewater capture, concentration, and nucleic acid extraction into one KingFisher System run, reducing plate types from five to two compared to the standard protocol (Figures 1 and 2). This study demonstrates equivalent sensitivity between the one-run protocol and two-run protocol for bacterial and viral targets across diverse wastewater samples.



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