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Evaluation of biomarker for advanced age-related macular degeneration using Nanotrap® particles

POSTER Evaluation of a plasma biomarker for advanced age-related macular degeneration using Nanotrap® particle–enabled proteomics

Thirty plasma samples were used from the AMD Registry that had previously been analyzed for 4001 proteins using the SOMAscan® platform. Samples included 10 age-matched patients with bilateral geographic atrophy AMD (GA), 10 neovascular AMD (NV), and 10 healthy controls (HC) without retinal disease. Ceres Nanosciences’ Nanotrap® particles were used to enrich proteins from 50 microliters of plasma from the same samples prior to LC/MS analysis. Statistical approaches were used for validation of vinculin, data mining, and identification of improved candidate markers of disease.

Using an independent analytic technique enabled by Nanotrap® particle enrichment to drastically improve plasma proteome coverage, we have confirmed that plasma vinculin is elevated in advanced AMD compared with controls. These results confirm a previous report in NV patients by Kim, et al in 2014, and our previous work using the SOMAscan® platform.

The Nanotrap® particle-LC/MS approach identified more than 100 novel proteins that exhibited more significant changes between disease state and controls than vinculin.

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