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Compatibility with Blood Samples Collected into Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT

Compatibility - Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT -- Tech Note - 03082024
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The purpose of this study was to demonstrate that the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit-Streck BCT is suitable for use with the Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT®, effectively capturing and concentrating cell-free DNA (cfDNA) under varied storage conditions specified by the manufacturer. The data underscore the superior performance of the NEAT Kit compared to a competitor, Kit 2, in the cfDNA capture and concentration. These findings confirm that the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit is a dependable and efficient method

for cfDNA capture and concentration.

Blood samples from three donors were drawn into Streck Cell- Free DNA BCT. The tubes were stored at room temperature (19°C-23°C). After days two and seven, plasma was collected per tube manufacturer’s instructions. cfDNA was isolated from 4 mL of plasma sample using competitor Kit 2 (automated, magnetic silica bead-based method) and the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit - Streck BCT. Samples were processed using the KingFisher™ Apex System. cfDNA was analyzed using the Agilent Cell-Free DNA ScreenTape on the 4200 TapeStation. Bars represent the concentrations of the average of three technical replicates and error bars indicate one standard deviation.



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