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Superior Detection by digital PCR of Low-Frequency Variant Alleles in Blood Collected in Streck Cell-Free DNA BCTs

Ceres Tech_Note-NEAT_Streck_cfDNA_BCT_dPCR_data-24-Jan-2024
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The purpose of this study was to compare low-frequency, rare variant allele detection by digital PCR in Streck Cell-Free DNA BCT samples processed by the NEAT Liquid

Biopsy Kit with competitor Kit 2. The data demonstrates that the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit increases the concentration of mutant alleles in these DNA samples, which improves the

reliability of detection across replicates. In other words, the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit has fewer non-detects than competitor Kit 2. This data highlights the performance of the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit compared to its competitor, Kit 2, in the detection of rare variant alleles in difficult samples for cfDNA extraction.



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