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Detection of G12C in Spiked K2EDTA Plasma with NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit and GT-Digital KRAS G12C;G12 Assay Kit

Detection of G12C in Spiked K2EDTA Plasma -- NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit
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Liquid biopsy represents a highly sensitive, non-invasive approach to detect cancer biomarkers early and monitor response to treatments. However, detecting biomarkers in circulating tumor DNA and cell-free DNA (cfDNA) is challenging, as cfDNA is often fragmented or present at very low levels and requires highly sensitive mutation detection technology.

In this application note, we demonstrate that the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit captures and concentrates low-abundance cfDNA from plasma samples with limited binding of larger genomic DNA, increasing opportunities for cfDNA and liquid biopsy to be used in precision oncology.

The NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit can concentrate low-abundant KRAS G12C, a common mutation found in cancers including non-small-cell lung cancer and colorectal cancer. Coupled with the GT-Digital KRAS G12C;G12 Assay Kit and highly sensitive droplet digital PCR (ddPCR), the NEAT Liquid Biopsy Kit allows for the detection of 0.1% KRAS G12C from plasma, exhibiting similar performance to competitor approaches. The data presented within highlights an end-to-end solution for monitoring mutant KRAS G12C.



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